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Protect Oceano Dunes: Surfrider and Oceano Beach Community Association combine comments to California's Ocean Protection Council (06/19/2020)

6/24/2020 - The public had an opportunity to share comments with the California Ocean Protection Council in an effort to protect the Oceano Dunes from offroading vehicular access.

Snowy Plover populations are beginning to thrive, and residents can access the coast safely. Therefore, we encourage the public to submit comments and speak up about protecting your favorite local landmarks.

Contact for more details.

"Will this be a world-class state park, home to a variety of living plants and animals or a machine dominated, a stark landscape stripped of vegetation, detrimental to all living creatures - that often resembles a scene from Mad Max.  

If your mission truly is to protect the coast & oceans – I ask for your support."

Excerpt - Public Comment 2

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Public Comment - 1
Public Comment - 2

Photo by @centralcoastpix on Instagram