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Become A Volunteer Today

Join The Largest Network Of Coastal Defenders In The World

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Surfrider Foundation.

Help us tackle the issues that face our ocean, waves and beaches. 

Being a surfer is NOT required to be a Surfrider activist!
If you’re passionate about the ocean, our coastline, clean water, or beach accessibility, 
Surfrider is the perfect place to find community and support around taking action!

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

If you are interested in any of the leadership opportunities below, please email 

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Web Master
  • Save the Avila Coast
  • SLO Creek Estuary Restoration
  • Ocean Protection
  • Climate and Clean Energy
  • RISE Above Plastics
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants

We need volunteer leaders with science, environmental management, legal, or policy backgrounds to help with research, analysis, and comments on various development proposals and policy initiatives.  Anyone with good research and writing skills can help.

We also need leaders with experience in motivating citizen volunteers to present effective well-prepared facts and arguments aimed at having a significant impact on undecided government staff and elected officials.  Experience in implementing effective advocacy techniques is helpful.  See our website for more information about these campaigns.


 We need a volunteer to add photographs to our chapter accomplishments list, and possibly create a display for events to highlight the Chapter’s 30-year history of successful campaigns and active programs. Experience using photos in a WordPress site is helpful.  Please contact