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Beach Cleanups

Participate in a Beach Cleanup

We organize monthly public beach cleanups at various locations in San Luis Obispo County. Email for more information.

Sponsor or Host a Beach Cleanup

Sponsor a public cleanup or host a private one at a location of your choice in San Luis Obispo County.

Benefits to Your Company

  • Help protect our ocean, waves and beaches
  • Establish company as a good corporate citizen
  • Encourage employees to be engaged in their community
  • Help promote a healthy lifestyle for employees
  • Strengthen employee team building and morale
  • Encourage brand loyalty

What We Provide

  • Promotion of public cleanups via our website, social media, and e-newsletter
  • Welcome briefing: instructions, safety orientation, discussion of local environmental issues
  • Permits, insurance and participant waivers
  • Buckets, grabbers and gloves
  • Data cards and pencils
  • Water dispenser for refills
  • Hand sanitizer and sunscreen
  • Post-event wrap up: data summary and photos

Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsors

  • Can we bring our company tent or banner? Typically YES
  • Can we wear corporate apparel? YES
  • Should we provide water? NO, but participants should bring reusable bottles to refill
  • Can we bring food? YES
  • Is this a family-friendly event? YES
  • Can we bring pets? Typically NO
  • How long does the cleanup last? 1-2 hours
  • Do participants have to pay for parking? YES, if the location does not provide free parking options
Company Sponsorship Cost Number of Participants
$500 Up to 20 people
$1000 Up to 40 people
$2000 Up to 80 people
$3000 Up to 160 people





Supplies for Small Independent Cleanups


The Central Coast Aquarium (50 San Juan St., Avila Beach) has a great new program for anyone who wants to do a spur of the moment beach cleanup.  Just inside their front door, they have a Beach Cleanup Corner that has all the supplies you need to do your own beach cleanup including trash bags, trash grabbers, gloves, etc.  When you return, they will show you how to sort your waste and record the number or weight of various types (plastic, glass bottles, etc.).  They track how much has been collected, and to date they have collected 850 pounds!  That’s impressive for a new program and shows how a little effort by you, when added to that of other individuals, can make a big difference.  


During COVID restrictions the Aquarium is closed, but the gift shop is open Monday-Friday from 12pm to 3pm and Saturday-Sunday from 1pm-4pm. Folks can come by during those times to get their cleanup supplies.  A call first is much appreciated.  Call 805-457-5357 ext. 1002 (or just press 2 when the call connects to their auto-attendant). If folks are able to tell them what equipment they need (how many buckets & grabbers), they can have those items ready and that will minimize time spent indoors together. 


Staff and volunteers are there during normal business hours, but outside of gift shop hours, you should definitely call ahead to make sure someone is ther.


They are looking forward to having Surfrider folks popping in!