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Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) to Build Expanded Workforce

Watershed protection through conservation, permeability, and retention of commercial and residential landscapes is the main goal of OFG’s workforce. Robert Nieto, Wes Cooke, and Luke Huskey have been helping to provide watershed protections in SLO County by building new ocean friendly gardens, leading OFG garden walks, and coordinating high level training and certifications to OFG standards through the Green Gardens Group (3G).

While the high level training is useful in some regards, OFG leaders have decided to focus on a super-charged approach instead. Our chapter will be creating our own OFG training program, with Brad Snook taking charge of the in-class curriculum and Rob, Wes, and Luke taking the reins as hands-on subject matter experts.

If you have experience creating or leading training classes, please contact Brad ( If you would like to help register Ocean Friendly Gardens in our area or if you’re a commercial landscape professional, please contact Rob (