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Morro Bay’s Water Reclamation Facility

The best site for the WRF is east of Hwy 1

Investments in the protection of our ocean, waves, and beaches are important. Revitalization of lands near Morro Rock is important. Following through with common- sense agreements like Morro Bay made with the Coastal Commission in 2013 are important.

Please come to hear a presentation of Morro Bay’s WRF Site Comparison Report on September 26th at 4:00 at Morro Bay’s Veterans Hall. The City Council will then consider “next steps” for WRF siting during its regular City Council meeting which starts at 6:00pm that day. Agenda Item C-2 during the regular meeting will be your chance to show your support for a WRF site east of Highway 1, away from Morro Rock.


The City of Morro Bay agreed with the California Coastal Commission in 2013 that the best Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) site was inland (away from Morro Rock). Everyone in Morro Bay knew a sizable investment was being made with the new WRF. However, most acknowledged that throwing away nearly 1 million gallons a day of useable water was not a smart plan for a thirsty city with only two other sources of fresh water. According to the smart plan, they should recycle the water, inject it into area aquifers, then reclaim the water for commercial and residential use. Makes sense, right?

It also makes sense to move vital wastewater treatment infrastructure away from tsunami run-up areas and outside of areas exposed to the threats of sea level rise. It makes sense to choose a site where regulators, such as California’s Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Coastal Commission, can agree coastal and environmental protections are best preserved for the life of the WRF. These agencies will not back down from imposing penalties on Morro Bay should delays continue. Simply stated, these agencies are urging Morro Bay to move forward with the plan agreed to in 2013. We concur.

Surfrider Foundation San Luis Obispo supports the county-wide “managed retreat” of infrastructure threatened by coastal hazards, relocating at-risk infrastructure away from our ocean, waves, and beaches. According to Morro Bay’s Staff Report for its upcoming meeting on September 26th, moving the WRF site inland (east of Highway 1, either at the Righetti, South Bay Blvd, or Giannini sites) will add between 1% and 15%, compared to sites near Morro Rock.

Please tell the council it’s a investment worth making. If you can’t be at the meeting, please send an e-mail to the Mayor and City Council:

Jamie L. Irons, Mayor

Marlys McPherson

Matt Makowetski

John Headding,

Robert Davis,