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Montana de Oro Beach Clean UP

This past weekend we partnered with ECO SLO for a beach clean up at Sandspit in Montana de Oro.

Over 80 volunteers came out and we picked up almost 300 pounds of trash in 3 hours!  Bottle caps, cigarette butts, balloons, bottles and TONS of little pieces of polystyrene.

Right now we are working on a campaign to BAN polystyrene (aka "styrofoam") in San Luis Obispo.

In effort to spread the word about the ban, Rise Above Plastics lead, Sarah Bellum has started a visual petition called "Own your Waste". A petition to get manufacturers to take responsibility for the waste they create.

Read more about the clean up and Bellum's visual petition on her blog. 

Surfrider and Eco SLO will be partnering again on April 25 at Sandspit in Montana de Oro for another beach clean up! We hope to see you all there! IMG_7532