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Welcome to Our Newest Ocean Friendly Restaurant: The Libertine Brewing Company

We host 76 taps of excellent beer and wines from all over; including a wide variety of our own wild ales, kombucha and cold brew coffee! Chef Bernard Livingston and his staff have curated a menu using local ingredients and incorporating Libertine wild ales into their recipes, such as our Gose battered Fish and Chips served with housemade barrel-aged malt vinegar and raspberry coulis infused with our Framboise to be drizzled over panko fried goat cheese balls. In addition, we team up with other local artisans to produce unique beer-infused menu options.

Our rotating cheese board features Stepladder Creamery's Rioly Run cheese washed in our Saison and we marinate Cattaneo Brothers elk sausage in our Wild IPA overnight to intensify the flavor. These are just a few of the special creations and collaborations we are proud to serve at the Libertine.

1234 Broad St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
The Libertine Brewing Company (

Ocean friendly as of March 10, 2017.