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Help Us Celebrate International Surfing Day the Right Way

Celebrate International Surfing Day on Saturday, June 17

International Surfing Day is this Saturday, June 17, 2023, and we encourage all of our local volunteers, supporters and beachgoers to get out there and enjoy the ocean and celebrate all of its surfing day

For decades, Surfrider has championed keeping our beaches accessible and welcoming for all people to enjoy — regardless of race, socioeconomic background, ability or gender identity.

This International Surfing Day, we are celebrating the joy and excitement that the beach brings to all of us.

So get out there, enjoy the surf, and pick up a few pieces of trash on your way back to the car.

While International Surfing Day is a great excuse to get out there and enjoy the ocean, it’s also the perfect time to give back and show Mother Nature how much our precious coastlines mean to us.

We also want to see what you’re up to on International Surfing Day, so be sure to tag your local chapter and share your experiences with your fellow SLO volunteers on our social media sites at:

Thanks to all of our volunteers, and enjoy International Surfing Day!