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Chapter Meeting July 11th hosted by Blue Water Task Force

Join us at Novo Restaurant in SLO on July 11th at 6pm for a chapter meeting hosted by the Blue Water Task Force.

Presenting at the July meeting will be Niel Dilworth and Liberty Amundson.

Niel Dilworth, the coordinator for the San Luis Obispo Chapter’s Blue Water Task Force program, will provide an overview of the history, accomplishments and future goals of the chapter’s water quality testing, education and advocacy program. Niel is an architect and an ocean swimmer and joined the Blue Water Task Force because of his concern about the cleanliness of the water he was swimming in.

Liberty Amundson, Environmental Health Specialist III with San Luis Obispo County, will update the chapter on the status and future goals of the County’s water quality testing program and the updates to the dashboard where the County posts the results of their testing and beach health advisories.

The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) is the Surfrider Foundation’s water quality monitoring, education and advocacy program. It is utilized by our Chapters and members to alert citizens and officials in their communities about water quality problems and to work toward solutions.

BWTF was established with the following objectives:

  • to provide concerned citizens with the opportunity for hands-on involvement with an environmental problem-solving effort
  • to gather water samples from costal creeks and beaches on a regular basis to determine pollution patterns in the near shore environment
  • to raise public awareness regarding the extent and severity of coastal water pollution
  • to use the data collected to bring polluters into compliance
  • to develop a model program that could influence national legislation and enforcement.

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