In 2013, the “promise” was made by Morro Bay leadership to the California Coastal Commission. In the promise, the city would follow guidelines for managed retreat of vital infrastructure in selecting a site for their new Water Reclamation Facility outside the 100 year floodplain and a tsunami run-up zone.

Back then, the city had a favored site outside the coastal zone, far away from Morro Rock, and closer to its recycled water customers. Since then, the Righetti site off Highway 41 was replaced with two other favored sites. Now, the city will potentially re-focus on a new site which is back in the coastal zone… i.e. NUMBER FOUR!

Morro Bay has fallen victim to “Paralysis by analysis.” What happened to leadership’s support for a new vision of sound, long-term investment and respect for our ocean, waves, and beaches? Read our comment letter to Morro Bay City Council regarding this issue.