From our Blue Water Task Force:

Yikes & Yuck! We have never before seen, unbelievably bad, toxic, results from the samples we collected on Thursday morning from the first big flush. 8 out of 11 samples exceeded the capacity of the test for a minimum result of 24,196 vs. the state standard for safe contact of 104. Also keep in mind that the creek samples were collected from creeks that were flowing many times their usual volume so the bacteria load that was reaching the beaches was huge.
We have been sampling Hazards (in Montana De Oro) for about a month. There is no creek outlet there, the numbers have been 0, 10 & 20, and even this location exceeded 104.

Please share & staying out of the water this weekend would be a good idea.

BWTF Coordinator
SLO Surfrider ChapterĀ