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S.T.O.P Climate Change


S.T.O.P Climate Change

Sea level rise,
Temperature rise, &
Ocean acidification,
Prevention and adaptation

Our Mission
To prevent further drastic changes to our ocean, waves, and beaches by reducing emission of greenhouse gases and to adapt responsibly to changes already occurring.

Climate Change and the Ocean
What are the primary threats to our ocean, waves, and beaches caused by human-induced climate change?

  • Sea Level Rise
    Sea levels are projected to rise by at least one vertical foot by 2035. This will result in 50-100 feet of beach loss and will be further exacerbated by high tides and more severe storms.
  • Temperature Rise
    Ocean warming, due to increasing heat-trapping Co2 is causing coral bleaching and reef die-off, thus damaging reef breaks and marine life.
  • Ocean Acidification
    Ocean acidification is the decrease in the pH of the water caused by excess Co2 in the atmosphere, disrupting shell calcification and impacting the global ecosystem.

What Is Climate Change?
Climate change is caused by greenhouse gases (GHGs) that trap heat in our atmosphere.

What are the primary sources of the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing sea level rise, temperature rise, and ocean acidification?

  • Electricity and heat production
  • Industry
  • Agriculture, forestry, and other land use
  • Transportation
  • Buildings
  • Other Energy

Ways You Can Help

  • Transport
    Drive as little as possible and drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle you can afford! Carpool and combine trips whenever you can.
  • Diet
    Reduce your emissions by eating less meat, choosing plant-based options when possible, limiting dairy, choosing sustainable seafood, and avoiding palm oil.
  • Home
    Consume less energy: Dry clothes in the sun, turn off the AC, have “unplugged” tech-free days, buy a solar powered phone charger. Take short showers, use rain barrels and recycle grey water.
  • Conscious Consumerism
    Only buy things you need, buy secondhand whenever you can, and swap boards, wetsuits, and clothes with other people in your community.
  • Activism
    Research politicians to make sure those you vote for take action against climate change! And get involved with our program.

How Does Surfrider Fight Climate Change?

          See this PowerPoint Presentation on Surfrider's Climate Change Solutions.