March 11, 2011

Speak Up for Clean Water!

The Regional Water Quality Control Board is holding a hearing on agricultural discharges from irrigated farm lands.  Agricultural pollution in central California waterways and along the coast has long been of serious concern, with dozens of waterbodies listed for chronic pollution and legacy pesticides turning up in marine species.  This hearing is a big opportunity to ask for stronger regulations to protect coastal water quality and reduce agricultural pollution of our waterways.

What: Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting
When: 8:15am until 5:30pm, Thursday, March 17
Where: Watsonville City Council Chambers, 275 Main St, Watsonville, CA 95076
Parking is in the convenient parking structure behind City Hall, entered from Rodriguez Street.  Pay for a $5 all day permit on the second level then drive to the top level where there is a door to the City Council Chambers.

What to do:  When you arrive at the hearing, please fill out a speaker slip for Item 14.  Feel free to make a note if you can’t stay all day and write a summary of your comments on the back of the slip.

Sample Talking Points:
  • Dozens of water bodies in the Central Coast region are listed as impaired because of pollutants from agricultural sources.  
  • As a coastal recreator, I am concerned about exposure to agricultural pollutants and the impacts of these pollutants on our coastal environments.
  • Waterbodies that are identified as supporting other beneficial uses—such as contact recreation, fishing, and drinking water—need to be protected and cleaned up to support those uses.
  • I encourage Board members to support a strong programmatic framework that will lead to significant reductions in pollution, elimination of toxicity, and transparency in addressing water quality problems.
  • I encourage Board members to enforce the adopted regulations to provide incentive to comply. 
Can’t attend the hearing?  Submit a letter to the Board via Roger Briggs, Executive Director: with the subject line “Item 14 – Ag Waiver”.

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