Participate in a Beach Cleanup

We organize monthly public beach cleanups at various locations in San Luis Obispo County. Email for more information.

Sponsor or Host a Beach Cleanup

Sponsor a public cleanup or host a private one at a location of your choice in San Luis Obispo County.

Benefits to Your Company

  • Help protect our ocean, waves and beaches
  • Establish company as a good corporate citizen
  • Encourage employees to be engaged in their community
  • Help promote a healthy lifestyle for employees
  • Strengthen employee team building and morale
  • Encourage brand loyalty

What We Provide

  • Promotion of public cleanups via our website, social media, and e-newsletter
  • Welcome briefing: instructions, safety orientation, discussion of local environmental issues
  • Permits, insurance and participant waivers
  • Buckets, grabbers and gloves
  • Data cards and pencils
  • Water dispenser for refills
  • Hand sanitizer and sunscreen
  • Post-event wrap up: data summary and photos

Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsors

  • Can we bring our company tent or banner? Typically YES
  • Can we wear corporate apparel? YES
  • Should we provide water?┬áNO, but participants should bring reusable bottles to refill
  • Can we bring food? YES
  • Is this a family-friendly event? YES
  • Can we bring pets? Typically NO
  • How long does the cleanup last? 1-2 hours
  • Do participants have to pay for parking? YES, if the location does not provide free parking options
Company Sponsorship Cost Number of Participants
$500 Up to 20 people
$1000 Up to 40 people
$2000 Up to 80 people
$3000 Up to 160 people