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Ocean Friendly Gardens

3Urban run-off is the number one source of ocean pollution. One inch of rain falling on the roof of an average sized single family home can generate over 1,200 gallons of runoff. Most buildings in California are designed to direct rainwater straight into the street. As this runoff travels through our urban landscape it picks up pollutants and bacteria that cause 20,000+ beach closures and advisories nationwide every year. The Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) program sees landscapes and streets as solutions to water pollution, water supply, and more.

OFGs apply what is coming to be known around the country as the watershed approach. The principles are the same:

  • Create healthy, living soil
  • Retain rainwater
  • Install climate-appropriate plants
  • Use efficient supplemental irrigation as needed

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Get Involved
We’re always looking for volunteers to spread the word about OFG by leading garden walks, tabling at events, fundraising, promoting events through social media…the list goes on! Let us know how you can help. Contact the OFG Program Coordinator at

Get Trained
Years ago, we realized that it didn’t make sense to raise awareness and create demand for a service that few landscape professionals in the county could meet, so we set out to bring professional training in the watershed approach to SLO County. The goal was to build a qualified workforce that could build beautiful gardens that would improve the health of our watershed while conserving water. In the spring of 2017, that vision became a reality as the county agreed to fund the first Watershed Wise Professional Training held on June 29 and 30 in Atascadero.  We’ll continue to work with our partners to provide opportunities for landscape professionals and homeowners to become part of the solution. Stay connected on our Facebook page where we’ll post information about upcoming trainings, garden walks and OFG talks.

Find a Trained Professional
Looking for a qualified landscape professional in your area? Find a Watershed Wise Landscape Professional in your area.


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To learn more about how urban runoff fits into the larger discussion of water watch this video:

Want to get in touch?

Contact the OFG Program Coordinator at